RavenPack, a leading provider of news analytics technology and content, today announced a new real-time news sentiment analysis service that improves risk management and trading.

RavenPack News Scores gauges the health of global companies by weighing the balance of sentiment in articles published online by thousands of financial sites, newspapers, and blogs.

Powered by a proprietary text analysis platform, RavenPack analyzes stories published in all major news sources to look for key events, topics, and opinions that indicate changes in sentiment around a specific company. Sampled news sources represented the most reliable and authoritative publishers of news.

A RavenPack news score is an indicator derived through a complex algorithm incorporating multiple series of words and phrases, topics, concepts, and events that are typically associated with subsequent positive and negative stock price movements. The result is a numerical expression between 0 and 100, where 50 is neutral. A study conducted between 2005 and 2008 showed that 90% of all signals generated demonstrated profitable returns in the hours immediately following a news score event.

Published as discrete data elements, RavenPack news scores are considered to be the timeliest company sentiment indicators in the marketplace. All indicators are calculated in real-time, monitoring the sentiment in articles immediately after news is published.

Announcing the availability of the new service, Armando Gonzalez CEO of RavenPack said, "RavenPack News Scores harnesses many years of experience processing vast quantities of news from thousands of media sources. We do not believe that when it comes to sentiment, one size fits all, and endeavor to provide the most comprehensive set of analytics with minimal latency."

News Scores let financial professionals utilize more than a decade of proprietary research and development in text analytics and finance, while providing a unique look into the health of more than 10,000 publicly traded companies worldwide.

RavenPack News Scores is also available in partner platforms including Aleri's CEP 3.0, Alphacet Discovery, OptiRisk Systems, and Xenomorph TimeScape, among others.