Daily forex analysis for forex traders

November 7, 2009

Daily technical and fundamental analysis are available for all visitors of GoLearnForex.net, but now this cutting-edge platform is also generating unique analysis to cater to forex traders.

Many traders in foreign exchange depend heavily on market information from trusted analysts before investing. GoLearnForex has become a one-stop-shop to enable traders to have all market analysis centralized and easy to navigate.

In one given day there can be many fundamental reasons to see diversion on the daily charts. Before a forex trader makes a decision about investing, it’s important to be educated about all of the facts that have an impact on the fluctuations between the currencies.

“GoLearnForex understands that it’s imperative for traders to have information and educational materials at their fingertips,” shared editor Michael Law. “One of the biggest blunders that forex traders make, is lack of education. Some of them just try to wing it on the forex market, and this is not a recipe for success.”

By hiring top financial analysts to give a thorough explanation of market trends, GoLearnForex offers top notch information for forex traders of all levels.

New forex strategy to strengthen portfolios and reduce volatility

October 23, 2009
New forex portfolio model created by Saxo Bank's strategy team unveiled by Trading Floor.

The Portfolio model offers a way to reduce total portfolio volatility in the wake of the stock market rally that saw many investors turn away from forex trading.

"Many investors are staying out of the forex market - either because they lost money and have given up, or because they simply don't know where to put their money," said David Karsbøl, Chief Economist at Saxo Bank and Trading Floor commentat...

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Introduction to forex trading

October 5, 2009
Forex trading offers traders an incredible opportunity to make money and have fun while doing it. With the forex market open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, this is perhaps one of the most tradable markets in the world. If you are considering trading forex, then there are a few things you need to do before you start trading.

Find a reliable broker. As with any kind of trading you will need to find a broker that matches your needs and you are happy with. Before opening a live account with a br...
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How you should NOT trade forex

October 4, 2009

Here is a both funny and sad example of how you should not trade forex. In this video you will see a guy standing on stage learing people how to make 100 % successful forex trades. The guy obviously has no shame at all, telling a big audience that he is the most successful forex trader in the world and that they will make USD 100 000 in their first year following his system.

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Binary Options Trading

October 3, 2009
TradeSmarter, a leading provider of financial products for the financial gaming industry launches an innovative Options Trading Platform. The TradeSmarter platform offers a simplified hourly-options trading experience to both the experienced and novice trader, and will enable everyone to speculate on the financial markets.

After the successful beta launch of its first financial game and recent partnership with an online Australian brand, TradeSmarter is now looking to expand into worldwide p...
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Financial spread betting video

August 2, 2009

We have now published a short introduction video about financial spread betting. Spread betting, or spread trading, is available for most kind of financial products, even exotic ones and forex.

Have a look at the financial spread betting video

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Ravenpack launches a new real-time news sentiment analysis service

May 28, 2009

RavenPack, a leading provider of news analytics technology and content, today announced a new real-time news sentiment analysis service that improves risk management and trading.

RavenPack News Scores gauges the health of global companies by weighing the balance of sentiment in articles published online by thousands of financial sites, newspapers, and blogs.

Powered by a proprietary text analysis platform, RavenPack analyzes stories published in all major news sources to look for key ev...

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New trading DVD by Todd Gordon

January 25, 2009
Acclaimed Gain Capital Group and forex trader Todd Gordon has released a new DVD, Forex Trading Using Fibonacci and Elliott Wave, with publisher Marketplace Books. During his 90-minute seminar, Gordon will show you how to successfully use his favorite tools to conquer the forex markets. His system F.E.W.L. stands for Fibonacci Elliott Wave Levels-Todd’s preferred method for taking profit from the markets, even during the most volatile of times.

And with stores closing, companies laying off...
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Automated online forex currency trading platform

December 21, 2008

Pro Signal, a leader in automated foreign currency trading, releases a web-based version of its automated online forex trading platform. The web-based version of the forex currency trading platform provides individual forex traders access to hundreds of forex trading strategies offered by a variety of professional forex signal providers and forex system developers.

ProSignal allows forex traders around the world to access their online forex trading software from any web browser on any compu...

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Easy-Forex beaten as the number one forex trading provider

December 14, 2008
The revolutionary forex trading platform eToro is now officially the leading forex service provider, according to November’s Alexa rankings. eToro's innovative and user friendly approach to forex trading have catapulted it miles ahead of the compet

Forex trading is an incredibly competitive field, and as in any industry on the rise, innovation pays off. eToro's technology is a perfect embodiment of its radical approach to the forex trading industry. The platform literally transforms conventi...
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