Experienced forex trading "Big Hitters" enabling individual investors a hitherto unheard of edge in their trading

Individual forex traders at forex investing group PrivateFXClub have announced links with a 30 years experienced forex trade team who've proven their expertise in London's financial district in careers spanning three decades. The 5 strong team, originally from government and commercial banking corporations based in and around the City of London, are the same group responsible for setting up global financial market affecting automated trading "black boxes" in institutional trading rooms around the world. Such ties are giving retail forex traders "an edge in the market that levels the playing field like never before," says PrivateFXClub coach and founding member, Sam Beatson, MSc.

An announcement by individual (retail) forex traders at PrivateFXClub is enabling investors to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a 5-strong team of institutional forex traders who have excelled over the last 30 years in trading forex for large commercial banking groups and government banks such as the Bank of England.

Founding member of PrivateFXClub, Sam Beatson, one of the UK's leading authorities on retail forex trading, believes that this opportunity will change the face of the unregulated forex industry. Responding to websites coming up all over the internet about offers that promise get-rich-quick solutions, Mr Beatson has stated:

"The days of alluring offers about forex trading are coming to an end. The real winners in retail forex trading are the traders who know how to manage risk effectively and trade the market like a professional forex trader. Having contacts with an institutional forex background is becoming a must. Retail forex traders need high quality professional training, empowerment and ongoing support and help from real experts at an affordable price. PrivateFXClub is the only online group offering membership of an exclusive forex trading club along with links to an institutional trade team that fulfils these standards.

"Forex is a very attractive tradeable product providing a 24 hours per day market with money to be made in either direction (buying and selling of currencies). Unlike stock market trading, forex requires knowledge of only a handful of currency pairs and regional economics rather than sifting of information on 100s or 1000s of companies.

Traditionally used for balancing of reserves by banks, hedging & speculation and global transactions of neccessity - forex margin brokers now offer leverage of up to 200:1 to retail speculators enabling such individual investors to control enough currency to make a trading career worthwhile, starting even with only a small amount of capital such as $2000.

The market has grown in volume traded from $1.8 trillion to $2.5 trillion in the last 12 months, dwarfing the combined volume traded on all global equities, treasuries and bond markets. On the other hand, forex has also spawned a number of what have been come to known as "forex scams" ofthen created by people with little experience or real knowledge of trading the forex market or as a result of undercapitalised brokerage houses. Here are the two reasons given by leading retail trader group PrivateFXClub.com as to why now is a good time to learn how to trade forex, and why so-called forex scams are going to be phased out:

1) Increasing regulation by FSA directed at forex brokers means that any broker failing to meet the liquid capital requirements set by US regulatory bodies have been forced to close. This means that the remaining brokers will be forced in to doing more to genuinely help their clients in order to avoid attrition in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Allure will be replaced by better service and value of information presented to the client by the forex broker. This industry trend will be of benefit of the retail forex investor.

2) The institutional traders we have links with now provide private analysis, alert and training services to retail traders, opening the doors to their hard work and research and teaching retail forex traders how to trade the forex market like a professional. This now gives the retail trader an unparalleled opportunity to profit from forex because information that was previously confined to the trading floor is out there for those who want it. This means the playing field is truly being levelled now. The big hitters are seeing the problem and providing a viable solution to retail traders in this way.

The opportunity to learn how to trade forex, understand regional economics and the largest financial market in the world has truly arrived for the retail investor. Being able to tap in to the knowledge, wisdom and support of forex traders who were there during the devaluation of the Norman Lamont pound, were present in trading rooms during the Asian financial crisis and have provided consistent profitable returns every month via alerts service over the last 11 months of markets turmoil for stock markets, is something not to be missed.

Founding member of online currency trading group PrivateFXClub, Sam Beatson, adds: "Successful retail forex traders tend to be very successful indeed in our experience. Being able to take money out of the market from anywhere in the world at any time with the only requirement being a laptop computer and internet connection is an extremely attractive prospect for most people. We are there to support traders in starting a real forex trading business with unparalleled support and professional training with accessibility and affordability at the forefront of our activities."