Clients of IG Index, the UK's leading financial spread betting firm, have collectively saved over 1,000,000 pounds in recent months thanks to the company's innovative Price Improvement technology as clients may now receive a better order price when they place a trade. In periods of heightened market volatility, prices move very quickly and should this be in the clients favour then the savings may be passed on immediately, avoiding the need for re-quotes.

Analysing a total of 3,395,048 trades executed by IG Index during the three month period, over 50,000 of the transactions qualified for price improvement, generating total savings to clients of 1,087,117 pounds.

Consider the scenario where rumours are circulating in the market that an imminent Bank of England announcement will see sterling weaken against the US dollar, so you open a deal ticket and see the current price at 1.5160-1.5161. You place a sell order at 1.5160 but as your transaction is being processed the price jumps to 1.5166-1.5167, or a six-pip rise in your selling price. Rather than requoting the order at the new price, as the move is in your favour the deal is struck and your deal ticket will reflect the savings made.

In addition to Price Improvement technology, IG Index financial spread betting has also moved to incorporate a number of alternative execution venues or MTFs into its trading platform for the pricing of shares spread bets. With up to 40% of equities now typically being traded away from the London Stock Exchange, ensuring clients can also use prices from the likes of Chi-X and BATS Europe means that, in the vast majority of cases a more competitive trade can be delivered.